Covid-19: Don't let the virus infect your studies

Exam time is stressful, no matter how many times you've been through the cycle.

But there is no reason why we should make it more stressful by cramming or stressing about the things we cannot control. Especially now in these unprecedented times.

Here are Dr TJ Moore's top 5 tips for coping with exam prep during Covid-19.

As frustrating as it is being in isolation and lock-down at the moment, it could work to your advantage in preparing for the upcoming exams. For one thing, it's not like you need to be anywhere else... but on a serious note, using this time to actively prepare for your exams, will definitely take some of the stress out of exams.

1. Stop procrastinating

Seems obvious, but stop trying to fool yourself into believing that there is something more important to be done, or that maybe your exams will magically disappear in a haze of Covid-19 panic. Buckle down and get studying - time is a-ticking.

2. Switch off social media

While you are studying, you really need to focus and pay attention to the subject matter of your studies. Instagram posts and Facebook updates will still be there in 40 minutes time when you take your study break. In any case, do you really need to see another virus meme?

3. Take breaks

Studying flat out for 3 hours is exhausting, and usually 2 hours and 20 minutes too long. Humans have short attention spans, and a 40/20 study to break ratio will keep you alert and help you retain the knowledge you have been learning. If you're not disciplined, set a timer - for both the study and break times, and stick to them! Gentle exercise during your break is good for body and soul - you can still exercise and observe social distancing.

4. Eat well

Studying requires energy. My students know me well enough to know that this also means, to eat freshly prepared, low carb meals. There is evidence that suggests that keto-rich diets give you more energy and stamina. Also, the process of preparing a meal can be meditative and relax your brain, giving it time to process the information you have been studying. Don't forget to stay hydrated - drink water or herbal teas (coffee, fizzy drinks and juices can all be dehydrating). The lock-down is a poor excuse for take-out, you've got more time on your hands than you probably know what to do with - so cook!

5. Sleep

Rest is important - you can't study properly when your brain is tired. This also means that you should have regular sleep/wake cycles. Just because we're in lock-down, doesn't mean that time has gone out the window. Be disciplined, have a regular routine, our bodies respond well when they know what to expect and when.

More exams tips coming soon.

Next time ... Why re-writing your study notes again is worth it

Stay safe and be kind

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